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MS-MBA Students and Alumni at Purdue University

Student Integrity: Students are responsible for observing the policies, rules and regulations of Purdue University.

Student Conduct: While freedom of thought and expression is the lifeblood of our academic community, the maintenance of civility is a precondition to the vigorous exchange of ideas, and it is the policy of the University to promote civility in all forms of expression and conduct. The University thus believes that any expression or act of intolerance or discrimination - whether based on race, gender, religion, colour, age, national origin, disability, status as a Vietnam-era veteran, or on any other basis - is repugnant and inimical to our most basic values.

Students are responsible for observing the policies, rules, and regulations of Purdue University.

Rigor of the Program:
The MS-MBA is a very challenging program. You should expect to spend 20 hours per week on average (10 hours per course) on reading, homework, posting to the discussion forum, etc. This requires having a good handle on time management. It usually takes students about a month to settle into a schedule where they feel like they are handling the time adjustment well.

If you feel like you are having problems with the coursework, deal with the problem head-on: don't wait until it is too late to contact the professor. Most faculty members are there to help you through problems, so don't miss an opportunity to resolve it.