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General Manager in Hyderabad

Job Title:General Manager
Job Location:Hyderabad / Secunderabad
Employer:Zameen Organic Pvt. Ltd
Qualification:Post Graduate or MBA preferably in Textile processing, Agribusiness/Supply Chain Management.
Experience:7-12 Years. Minimum of 7 years experience in agribusiness sourcing from small farmers.
Requirements:- Proven experience with Supply Chain Management

- Strong knowledge of the cotton value chain, including capacity building for promotion of the farmer\'s organization for input/output marketing, agricultural infrastructure and extension education.

- Strong commitment to organizing small and marginal farmers as a means of increasing income. Clear understanding of farmer issues and clear understanding of farmer led agribusiness development.

- Team leader with a learning attitude, innovative, determined and professional, willing to travel and stay in rural areas and is able to communicate with farmers.

- Proven capacity to effectively manage and mentor staff with various levels of skills and experience. Strong managerial skills, including well developed skills in managing complex institutional relations and interactions among a variety of stakeholders.

- Previous experience with and clear understanding of results-based approach to project implementation, monitoring and reporting.

- Experience developing business related training materials and implementing training programs.

- Previous work experience and knowledge of conditions in Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra.

- Fluency in English (and preferably Hindi, Telugu and/or Marathi)

- Previous work experience and knowledge of conditions in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Responsibilities:- Maintain up to date detail on storage, processing, transport opportunities.

- Develop investment proposals for storage, ginning, pressing, transport, seed oil extraction and refining, pulses processing and other value addition activities.

- Fundraising for equity and long term loans with various funds and banks.

- Coordinate implementation of infrastructure development for storage, ginning/pressing, transport and other processing activities according to the company strategy.

- Follow up legal requirements and obtain permits with local government agencies.

- Select machinery suppliers for gin/press other units and negotiate for best service for lowest cost, finalise and enforce service contracts with machine suppliers.

- Develop and implement performance measurement procedures and quality control protocols in all processing units.
How to Apply:Please Contact Employer Directly.
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